Pop. 75,000 (Human 78%, halfling 15%, other 7%)


Arminoff’s capitol city is the prize gem in the crown of Virduk’s kingdom. It is a pinnacle of human achievement and a testament to the will of men, that such progress can be made in so short a time since the Titanswar scarred the world itself. Vashon is probably the most technically advanced city on Ghelspad; the city is known for its innovative solutions in public cleanliness (having the continent’s cleanest and most efficient sewer system), architecture (with structural designs few other nations have been able to replicate) and civil engineering (with water troughs, aqueducts and other progressive utilities unheard of in less developed countries).

Vashon holds a relatively large upper class, an untypically small middle class and the usual number of lower class folk. Disparities between the city’s various districts are quite pronounced as a visitor passes through the gates of the various sections. As city dwellers, most of the lower class are technically freemen, but the fact that they’ve bound their fortunes into dependency on the city’s economy makes them veritable serfs to the social order.


Every amenity available elsewhere in Calastia is available in Vashon – it is a decadent place, but remains powerful due to the sacrifices and discipline of the nation’s leaders.

The districts of Vashon:

  • The Dock District: Largely a leisure center for the wealthy with facilities available to service
    and maintain the fine sailing vessels of the nobility; many lower class folk work the docks in a custodial manner, but these are generally well-behaved and are quick to report any illegal activities they may learn of. There is little trade across the waters of Lake Vashon, and very little of that takes part in the dock district.
    The district is also home to the fishmonger’s market as the fish caught on the lake provides a good deal of the city’s food. the fish at the market are known to be fresh and edible.
  • Market District and Artisan’s Quarter: Originally two distinct districts, they grew to overlap through time and today they are blended together so seemlessly that the gathe that once seperated the districts is now nothing more than an ornate arch in the center of one of the city’s largest bazaars.
    Streets in this district are wide and well kept to accommodate wagons and other large cargo vehicles; as would be expected all manner of shops, stores, stalls and markets are located within this district and they primarily do their business during the day.
    vashon7.jpgBy night there is a fair amount of traffic as the bars and taverns of the district draw a a healthy crowd but the local guard (the Marketwatch) are vigilant and dissuade the seedier element from getting too comfortable in the district.
  • The Blenside District: A relatively well to do neighborhood populated primarily by the middle class who have done well enough for themselves to purchase homes independent of storefronts. It is also a neighborhood where some of the less affluent dignitaries of other duchies or countries maintain “working homes” for when they visit the capitol. The Blenside is patrolled by the city guard but also hires mercenaries to patrol its boundries and it is not uncommon to be stopped at the gates and questioned if one does not appear to belong. Publicly carrying weapons in the Blenside is forbidden. there are a few drinking Bruges_Spring.jpgestablishments and public houses, but generally none of the seedire variety, these seem to serve the specific purpose of catering to the locals who inhabit the Blenside.
  • Kortal, The Commons: As companion to the Blenside, Kortal is the common neighborhood. Dotted with parks and open areas, Kortal is a resedential region that also does a brisk trade in its ale-houses and inns. Of all the districts, Kortal is probably the most disheveled despite the number of parks and other green open areas.
    The Kortals is open to more temples and places of worship than any other district in the city and at least one temple to each of the major gods can be found here, though one needs to look hard to locate some of them.

- Places of note and landmarks:
LaQuaen – Dock District
The Spire, Anteas’ Tower – Market District
The Great Cathedral of Chardun


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