The Order of the Queen's Watch

The Noble Order of the Queen’s Watch


History: Founded by Queen Geleeda of Calastia on Queensday of the year 151 AV. Geleeda has projects, eyes, ears and followers throughout the kingdom of Calastia and her whims can move troops or armies to accomplish her task, but what she lacks is a unified group of dedicated and elite soldiers who patrol the realm doing specifically the Queen’s work without the need of her time or constant monitoring. These men will have sworn loyalty and pledged their service to the queen above all others.
Some of jokingly compare this small unit of soldiers to Vigils of Vesh as they are commonly thought to have been given free reign to sniff out and squash troubles at their own whim; some refer to the Watch as Geleeda’s Vigil or the Queen’s Vigil.

Entry Requirements: Must be a Calastian citizen, Lawful evil or Lawful Neutral in alignment. Must worship specifically Chardun or Hedrada. A new recruit must have training with a Calastian or church military order and must be recruited by a current member and approved by one of the Queen’s inner circle. Lastly, all must swear fealty and loyalty to Queen Geleeda:
“Geleeda, as Queen and monarch of the Calastian realm, I vow to you loyalty and bravery. I vow to you and to the leaders that you set for me, absolute allegiance until death. I, (your name), In the eyes of Chardun and my Queen so avow.”

Benefits: As soldiers in the service of the queen, members of the Watch will be given cooperation, lodging and assistance by just about anyone in the kingdom of Calastia or the Hegemony. Nobles will likely offer aid, support, lodgings and even finances if they know of the watch’s need.
In the capital city of Vashon each pack is given a residence or watch command.
Title: All members of the order are knighted by the Queen and are considered un-landed (errant) knights of the realm and are referred to as Sir or Lady. As knights they will swear an oath of fealty to the Queen (for one year of service) and will be expected to follow a code of conduct that will be detailed below.

Advancement: As this is a fledgling order there is no known path of advancement; all who are members and all who hold power have been placed in their current positions. The Order will need to grow and age before advancement becomes a possibility.
Of course members are always vying for the queen’s favor; ambition is marked in this way as the queen is not shy about rewarding those who gain her favor and letting those who displease her know of their short-comings.

Missions: In each of Calastia’s duchies a dignitary of some influence has sworn some manner of oath to the queen, and in return they have her favor and her confidence. These ambassadors are the “Generals” of the Queen’s Watch; reaching out to the Packs of the Watch and directing them toward problems that require their attention. There are no rewards or payment for these tasks other than impressing the nobles who, one would hope, relays the pack’s successes or failures to the queen.

Responsibilities: Remain loyal. Serve the queen’s and the kingdom’s best interests and conduct yourself in a manner that breeds respect, fear, admiration and confidence in Queen Geleeda from the citizens of Calastia.
Structure: Only one ultimately rules over the soldiers and knights of the Order – Queen Geleeda sits at the top of the Order’s hierarchy and her wishes are carried out without question or hesitation.
Beneath the Queen stand the Queen’s Counsel. Members of the Counsel are referred to as Lord or Lady Counsel; each duchy holds a member of the Queen’s Counsel and packs or platoons new to a duchy would be wise to check in with the duchy’s counselor if they wish to remain on good terms within the organization. A Lord Counsel who feels he is being snubbed, ignored or disrespected by a pack will no doubt speak ill of said pack to the queen and to others of the counsel.

Code of Conduct:
As a knight of the Noble Order of the Queen’s Watch I vow..
• To fear Chardun and maintain His Church
• To serve my liege lady in valour and faith
• To conduct myself in a manner befitting an ambassador of the Queen
• To refrain from the wanton giving of offence
• To live by honour and for glory
• To fight for the welfare of the kingdom
• To obey those placed in authority
• To guard the honour of fellow knights
• To always honour your pledged word
• To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun
• Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
• Never to turn the back upon a foe

NPC Reactions: Feared, respected and possibly even adored. Members of the Order who actively display their membership affiliation receive a +2 bonus to diplomacy, gather information and intimidate checks when interacting with citizens of Calastia.
Citizens are eager to follow such people and all members of the order receive a +1 bonus on their leadership score.
Nations or peoples at war with Calastia or openly opposing the Hegemony’s goals begin all interactions with members of the order with their reactions skewed one step worse than normal. Indifferent becomes unfriendly, unfriendly becomes hostile etc…

Notes: Currently only one platoon has been formed; the first Golden Watch Platoon is led by a lieutenant and is comprised of two packs, each pack led by a sergeant.
dragon_crusader_breastplate_preview_by_azmal-d7o58ce.jpg Members:
The Queen’s Counsel:
- Arminoff: Lord Counsel Count Malakhazi Vatia, count of Vatti (Port Vati near Vashon)
- Chandalvine: Lady Counsel Joselina Tarek , Mayor of Secundo (Secundo)
- Golehest: Lord Counsel Drogo Imbrexus, Earl of Imbrex, Lord Governor of Rhampton (Rhampton)
- Jandalore: Lady Counsel Luristasia Jandalorus, The Countess of Petis (Petisburgh)
- Turrows: Lord Counsel Bravus Ouvren, the Earl of Longmarch (Pahrae)
- Varuba: Lord Counsel (Colonel) Warzider ( Strale)

Each soldier of the Order will be granted a breastplate of mithril to be worn as a part of their uniform, they will also bear the symbol of the Noble Order of the Queen’s Watch (A golden rose on a field of black and gold) in plain sight to let all know whom they serve.
This symbol is an altered version of the Queen’s personal symbol, an identical rose of ice blue color on a field of black and silver).

The uniform of the Order consists of the Full dress uniform for formal occasions and the Battle dress uniform for other occasions. The primary colors of the order are the gold color of the Queen’s rose (burnt gold officially) and a light gray.
Each uniform consists of a jacket of gray with burnt gold trimmings and collars with folded black cuffs; the full dress jacket differs from the battle dress jacket in that the collar is higher and the jacket is longer, reaching roughly to mid-thigh.

Mithril breastplate is expected to be worn over the jacket of the Battle dress uniform, and the jacket fits the body a bit more snugly to allow for that extra garment. Crimsons sashes are provided for both full or battle dress uniforms; in full dress they draw the eye and add a flamboyance to the soldier; in battle they are ideal of spotting pack mates through the smoke and fog of war.

Jackets of both uniforms will don the badges of honor and rank accorded to all members of the order. High on the left arm, just below the soldier’s shoulder rests the Black dragon standard of calastia; just below the black dragon rests a patch or badge displaying the soldier’s pack or squad (Dogs of war).
On the left breast, just above the heart resides the Golden Rose of Queen Galeeda; beneath the golden rose (or on the sash when it is worn) reside various badges of honor, duty and rank.

Breeches for both uniforms are very similar and are tailored for riding; the pants of the battle dress uniform hold a more snug fit allowing armor to more effectively be donned over the fabric. Knee high boots complete the uniform, Full dress boots are expected to be maintained and polished at all times. Sergeants are expected to ensure that full-dress uniforms are maintained to perfection.

The helmet is bell-shaped and open-faced, the sturdy steel tinted a burnt gold.

Each uniform comes with the following: Boots, breeches, a belt, a shirt, a vest, a jacket, gloves and a heavy cloak for colder climates. The uniform is of the highest craftsmanship and is made of fine wool. The value of the uniforms are roughly 100 dominions due to the quality and the gold inlays over collar, cuffs and buttons. Each uniform weighs 9 pounds.

The Order of the Queen's Watch

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