Secundo, small city
Population: 10,000 (human 61%, halfling 38%, other 1%)
Government: Mayor Joselina Tarek, a human mayor placed by the local duke, all mayors must meet the approval of the city’s council of halfling alderfolk
GP: Limit: 15,000

Home to the largest permanent settlement of halflings in the kingdom; the majority of Secundo’s residences are descendants from the now abandoned settlement of Primoun, located several miles to the north. Primoun was abandoned shortly after the Divine War and while many halflings dispersed throughout the Lavash plains, a good many re-settled here in Secundo. The city’s numbers further swelled shortly after King Virduk rose to power. As a gesture of commitment to the kingdom’s halfling citizens and to bolster the region’s agrarian economy, the king granted small parcels of land and freeman status upon all skilled halflings willing to help develop the lands around Secundo into food-producing farmland. Nearly sixty years later and the city has blossomed into a largely self-sustained community off the beaten path.

Other than the halfling settlers, many nobles discovered the slow-paced, peaceful lands of Secundo and tried to keep the village under wraps. Today nobles, merchants, adventurers and travelers find Secundo to be a welcome location where life seems to move at a slower pace and where businesses have cropped up to cater to a more pampered life-style. Many soldiers and adventurers find Secundo the perfect location to settle and recoup after a taxing and exhausting campaign and more than a few successful Calastian officers have retired to lands in and around the rolling hills of Secundo.

It goes without saying that the halflings who live in Secundo are as patriotic and loyal as any citizens of Calastia, the bulk of the army’s vaunted halfling staker squads are recruited from the local population and national holidays, particularly the king’s and queen’s birthdays, are celebrated here with great enthusiasm. the city boasts several fine resorts and the tranquil hills outside of the city are home to several luxurious spas, springs and bath-houses.

Notable landmarks include the mayor’s manor on the north end of town, the vast green market at Farmer’s Square and the House Falkus trading center in the city’s main plaza.


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