Iron Dragon Pack

Iron Dragon Pack

Motto: First to the Front, First in the hunt

Serve the queen loyally first and foremost. Conduct oneself in a manner befitting an ambassador of the queen. Strive to better the reputation of the Order and of Queen Galeeda herself throughout the Hegemony of Calastia.
Honor one’s oath to the queen: “Geleeda, as Queen and monarch of the Calastian realm, I vow to you loyalty and bravery. I vow to you and to the leaders that you set for me, absolute allegiance until death. I, Sir Talond Jandalorus, In the eyes of Chardun and my Queen so avow.”

Obey the Queen’s code of knightly conduct; conduct oneself as a knight of her order:
As a knight of the Noble Order of the Queen’s Watch I vow..
• To fear Chardun and maintain His Church
• To serve my liege lady in valour and faith
• To conduct myself in a manner befitting an ambassador of the Queen
• To refrain from the wanton giving of offence
• To live by honour and for glory
• To fight for the welfare of the kingdom
• To obey those placed in authority
• To guard the honour of fellow knights
• To always honour your pledged word
• To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun
• Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
• Never to turn the back upon a foe

Two packs travel the length and breadth of the Hegemony; the basic structure of each pack is similar to a Calastian Military squad. Each pack answers to a lord or Lady counsel who reports directly to Queen Galeeda. Each Duchy houses a member of the Queen’s Counsel.
The members of the Queen’s Counsel are:
- Arminoff: Lord Counsel Count Malakhazi Vatia, count of Vatti (Port Vati near Vashon)
- Chandalvine: Lady Counsel Joselina Tarek , Mayor of Secundo (Secundo)
- Golehest: Lord Counsel Drogo Imbrexus, Earl of Imbrex, Lord Governor of Rhampton (Rhampton)
- Jandalore: Lady Counsel Luristasia Jandalorus, The Countess of Petis (Petisburgh)
- Turrows: Lord Counsel Bravus Ouvren, the Earl of Longmarch (Pahrae)
- Varuba: Lord Counsel (Colonel) Warzider ( Strale)

- Sergeant: Sir Talond Jandalorus
- Chaplain: Battle Tyrant Rivius
- Others: Master Scout Komak, Master of Arms Dalesh, Scourge Kylang, Soldier Boset, Soldier Galon, Soldier Baltacus (viscount’s son), Soldier Sithiant

Missions and Accomplishments:
20 Corot – charged by Queen Galeeda to escort Edrovix, chosen of vangal, to the far northern borders of the Hegemony, through Turrows, Lageni and New Venir and ultimately onto the badlands of the Blood Steppes. Should he resist or prove to be a threat to Calastia or Her people, orders are to kill, burn and bury. His remains are to be interred beyond the borders of the Hegemony.

Iron Dragon Pack

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