Company of the Cobalt Flame


Originally founded over twenty years ago by a wandering sorcerer affiliated with Darakeene’s Phylacteric Vault (where an Order of the Cobalt Flame still resides). This sorcerer, who trained and studied at the Vault eventually settled in New Venir and established a group of battle-ready sorcerers.

At it’s peak the Company’s numbers swelled to almost 75 sorcerers and another 2 dozen infantry trained in guarding the arcane wielders of the company. Today only a few scattered bands of the company exists and their Chapter house in New Venir sits in ruins – those remaining seem to be making a concentrated effort to reestablish the reputation of the company and fill their coffers once again to return the order to relevance.

Sorcerers of the Cobalt Flame now travel in small bands, seeking those in need of specialized arcane soldiers, though they are said to have strict laws forbidding alliances with titan-spawn .
The unit in Vashon is said to be led by Arcane -commander Eksis, a femal human.

Company of the Cobalt Flame

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