Common Chardunite Spells

R&R Spells Available to Priests of Chardun

Clerics are assumed to be familiar with all spells found on their domain lists and can therefore pray for these spells when gaining their spells for the day. Here are other spells commonly known by the clergy of the Overlord, Chardun.

- * Relics & Rituals
- ** Relics & Rituals II
- ~ Calastia, Throne of the Black Dragon

0 level: Clean*,
1st level: Minor Symbol of Divinity*, Locate Water**
2nd level: Rend the Sovereign Soul*, Aura of Menace**
3rd level: Chardun’s torments*, Hedrada’s Justice**, Crown of Thorns~
4th level:
5th level:
6th level: Scourge of Obedience~
7th level: Incite*
8th level: Chardun’s Branding**
9th level: Convert*, Holy War**

Common Chardunite Spells

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