Calastian Merchant Houses (The Five)

Five Calastian Merchant Houses

The five largest trading houses or families based within Calastia; they receive tax benefits and exemptions throughout the kingdom to discourage the Mercantile giant House Asuras from dominating trade and commerce (though they do anyways). To date the larger noble houses have steered clear of allowing the mercantile families to marry in to the nobility, they fear it would be showing far too much acceptance toward their lessers. That is not to say that minor houses have not married into one of the family’s wealth, but these noble families are generally shunned for some time after such an arrangement so there is always a price to pay.
House Asuras still has a large presence within Calastia and is still the largest and most influential trading house within Calastia, but they do not hold a total monopoly over trade as they do in the majority of the continent – not yet anyways…

The houses are:
House Dolabella
– Loctaed primarily in Jandalore, House Dolabella trades in everything, but caters to a wealthier clientele. They move liqueurs, exotic fabrics, rare spices, unique animals, valuable antiques and specialized materials for master craftsmen. This is the smallest of the five merchant families but likely one of the wealthiest.
Insignia: A crouching golden lion.

House Falkus
– House Falkus has the most wagons, the most teamsters, the most hired guards of all the houses in Calastia (save house Asuras). Still, they are not as wealthy or prosperous as the others; they are a reliable merchant house who can get you what you need when you need it, but they specialize in nothing and move mundane goods from one point to the next; rarely is the house called upon to procure specialized items. Still, they manage to visit nearly every community within the kingdom, likely the only merchant house who bothers with some of the smaller villages and hamlets spread across the nation. They are based in Arminoff but have a presence in every duchy’s seat.
Insignia: A silver owl in flight

House Globulus
– Located in Pahrae, House Globulus is the largest movers of ore, arms, armor and metal goods within the Kingdom. The House holds the stakes to a fair number of Calastian mines and they are known to have many commissions from the Calastian military ensuring the kingdom’s soldiers will never lack for the armaments of war.
Insignia: Golden Crossbow

House Scipio
– Scipio is the largest sea-based shipping house in Calastia with a presence in every port within the Hegemony. They are currently headquartered in the city of Dellis, but much to the chagrin of the local traders and nobles, the house has already set in to motion the transfer of their shipping hub to Rahoch.
Insignia: A white octopus on a black field

House Stolo
– House Stolo, based in Arminoff, made its name through the transport and sale of slaves over a century ago. To this day the House remains one of the largest movers of slave-flesh in the land and has built a rather sinister reputation that is, perhaps, justly earned. Rumors hold that wayward travelers stumbling across a Stolo caravan are scooped up and added to the line of chained cargo. While this is probably not a common occurance, enough have whispered this that there must be some truth to the rumor.
Insignia: A crow surrounded by 16 skulls on a black sunburst

Calastian Merchant Houses (The Five)

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