Bowynbar's Grotto

A serene and tranquil forest cove opens through a rocky series of forested hills deep within the forest known as Geleeda’s Grove. A fall of pure spring water flows and tumbles down the cove’s western wall, feeding a crisp, clear pool and a meandering stream that tumbles and rolls over rock and grass down the steps of the cove and to the open grotto that was once home to the paladin werebear Sir Bowynbar.


The grotto is an unspoiled piece of land, all that grows here seems to be greener than that which grows beyond the cliffs and trees that form the boundary. Berry-producing bushes that have been grown here in abundance, produce berries that are plump, juicy and sweet; the water is clean and refreshing – even the air seems more fresh and pure.
Grown here, through the labors of the cove’s previous occupant, are blueberries, raspberries, mulberries and blackberries.
Closer to and within the grotto can be found puffball mushrooms of all sizes and patches for potatoes and turnips.

While the grotto is beautiful to behold and peaceful to rest within, its true wonder lies in the affinity this land has for healing the body and mind. Spells from the conjuration [healing] school of magic heal +1 point of damage per die; furthermore, any “1” showing on a dice should count as if the die had rolled a “2”.


Bowynbar's Grotto

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