Basic Church information

Church of Chardun in Calastia

• Patron to the armies and nobility.
• Holy days: The month of Chardot – Commemorates: Chardun’s victory over his titanic parents Mormo and Gormoth are celebrated. Month long holiday begins on Divinities Day (1st Corday of Chardot) and ends on the last Vanday of Chardot. These days have been renamed Moroth and Goroth. Days of great Military Victories. King and Queen’s Birthday. And the birthdays of local Dukes and Dominions.
• Ethics: Obey those above you and lord over those beneath you. Remember that Chardun rules over all. He is to be emulated in all things.
• Sacred texts: Primarily, The Overlord. But also The Strategicon is widely read and studied

o The Overlord: Composed by the Ledean scholar Andanni. Approximately 30 pages in length and is written as a manual for rulers. It contains the True Ritual Conversion of the Faithless.

o The Strategicon: Written by Drikoni Brons, a career soldier with the armies of the great Ledean empire. Divided into four parts each with between 10 and 20 chapters. Primarily a military manual with lengthy diversions on matters of Chardunite theology. It contains the true rituals Thirst for War and Build the Temple.

• Hierarchy:
o Disciple: Disciples are not fully initiated into the church. They have been accepted into training and begin their learning, sometimes as early as 8 years of age. Many seek out the church for service, others are plucked from orphanages or unsuitable homes and pressed into service to Chardun. Disciples serve as messengers and maintain Temple grounds, they also frequently suffer the venting wrath of those above them in the church hierarchy and pay painfully for mistakes. Few actually become clerics of the Overlord. The term of a Disciple is often vicious and violent; few actually perish, but many show weakness and are violently removed from the church or sold into slavery.

o Ascendant: Initiated into the Tyrant’s clergy. Ascendants are the functionaries of Chardun temples or serve the military as squad medics or chaplains. Many Ascendants assist higher ranking priests or Purifiers on local patrolling, holy missions, or investigative ventures (Generally levels 1st through 6th).

o Tyrant: Tyrants have fully proven their dedication to Chardun and are greatly respected and feared within the church and without. They are often found traveling the countryside, spreading the word of the Overlord, Seeking penance among nobles, ferreting out insolence or blasphemy, or serving as battlefield healers and advisers in the Military. Some (Especially those who have chosen the war domain) become tutors and instructors on Military sciences and tactics at the finer Academies of Turrows. Despite their relative freedom they are still beholden to the local church, their commanding officer, or even the king and nobility as rank and circumstance dictates (Generally levels 7th through 12th).

o Sovereign: A Sovereign generally oversees what duties he deems necessary for himself, gaining more guidance from inner spirituality or Chardun than he does from a local church or Military official. Still Hierarchy is important in the Church of Chardun and even a Sovereign will pay respects to even the smallest temple’s Dominion or to a high ranking Calastian Military man or noble.

o Dominion: Dominion is a title given to any follower of Chardun who oversees the running of one of the Overlord’s temples. A Dominion can conceivably be of any level or rank, yet rarely will it be found to have a Dominion who is not at least of Tyrant rank within the Church. Within his church a Dominion wields near absolute authority so long as he maintains Chardun’s favor.

o Arch Dominion of (Duchy): Head of the church of Calastia in his individual duchy and is answerable only to the Lord Dominion himself. Most arch dominions have lands bestowed upon them by the king or by a duke. They have the ability to knight individuals and generally have a cadre of holy soldiers, knights and monks at their disposal. Some Arch Dominions have been known to lead their men into battle.
- The Arch Dominion of Varuba is the Charduni Dwarf Naxxan Baatar.

o The Lord Dominion of Chardun: Also respectfully referred to as the Lord Fiend of Chardun; he is the head of the Calastian sect of the Chardun religion. Currently the position is held by Alvesis Kolf, a human male. The awarding of this position is fully merit based, and should a more capable leader show himself the current Lord Dominion will be deposed (violently or otherwise) ensuring that no weakness rules the sect and to maintain the order and the strength of the religion.

• Organizations Within the Church:
o Thorned Purifiers: Roving Inquisitors of Chardun who purge traitors and heretics and smite titanspawn with their divine gifts. They believe in the use of pain as both a means of ferreting out traitors and of purification and cleansing (Thorned Purifier prestige class found in the Calastia book).

o Blackguards: Unholy knights in the service of Chardun. Few are former clerics, but those who are wield immense authority and respect amongst Chardun’s faithful (Black guard prestige class found in the DMG).

o The order of Chardun’s Favor: More of a Church-recognized military order that shows that a soldier conducts himself in a way conducive to the teachings of Chardun. Consists of soldiers who have taken vows to Chardun and have committed some noteworthy deed in the field. It is an honorific order.

o Congregation of the Barbed-Fiend: An order of monks who receive training from pain devils, learning how to subjugate and convert the willing or unwilling.

o Scales of the Dragon: An order of monks in service to the king and Chardun.

o The General’s Fist: A Chardun worshipping order that remains active in the field. Primarily clerics, fighters and war priests.

o The Order of the Sacred Chain: An order of spiked chain wielding monks in service to Chardun who believe in self-mastery before one is able to fully master others (The Initiate of the Sacred Chain prestige class can be found in the Calastia book).

o Order of Onyx: An order of battle-trained monks dedicated to defending Chardun’s holy sites.

Basic Church information

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