Lieutenant Grgur Madlyz

Dark eyes stare you down. A formidable soldier wearing years of experience and battle upon his stern face


Madlyz is a career soldier and has travelled the length of the kingdom in service to the king and the military. He has taken part in the skirmishes in the Kelders against Burok-Torn and their Durrover allies, and has been on hand to put down uprisings in Ankila and Zathiske.
Madlyz leads the Landshark squad, a part of the 4th Dragon’s Den Rover Platoon, based out of Fort Pahrail.

Hair color:
Eye color:
Distinguishing Characteristics:


Sergeant Madlyz and others of the squad are currently being held as prisoners in Fort Mace, the fortress of the Earl of Brewis and his wife the Countess of Brewis.

Lieutenant Grgur Madlyz

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