Mayor Joselina Tarek of Secundo

A beautiful young woman in her early twenties, her thick hair tumbles in curled ringlets over her shoulders. She dresses in the finest gowns of wool or silk and always seems to have a ready word of advice for those who seek it


Age: 23
Eyes: green
Hair: Black
Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 110


A socialite in the court of Vashon, young Joselina with her natural beauty, charm and wit rose quickly among the nobility of the capitol; though born of wealthy merchant parents and without a title, she made a lasting impression upon both Duke Arminoff and the King himself, and was granted dwelling within the city as well as rooms within Castle Vashon, as she was made one of Queen Geleeda’s personal hand-maidens.
Always a hit at social functions and always at the queen’s side, ready with clear-headed counsel on all things from public opinion within Vashon to which color dress best brings out the beauty in her majesty’s eyes. Little by little Joselina was given more authority and her words began to carry more weight. When the former mayor of Secundo was found strangled to death, Joselina was the queen’s first choice to replace him.
While it is an out of the way city and holds very little economic or political clout, Secundo houses the kingdom’s largest gathering of halflings and the queen insists the mayor be someone who hears and assists the wee-folk in their needs. Thus far the halfling council of Secundo have been pleasantly surprised that such a young and beautiful lass could come in and not only hold her own, but make a favorable impression on seemingly everyone.

Mayor Joselina Tarek of Secundo

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