Earl Bravus Ouvren of Longmarch

A tall and powerfully built man in his mid-fifties, he seems to exude command and coldness, his steely blue eyes sweeping past any save the most influencial people without a flicker of acknowledgement.


Height: 6’ 4"
Weight: 204
Eyes: Flat Blue
Hair: Black

Though it is not fashionable to do so, the Earl of Longmarch typically carries a weapon on his person even at courtly functions. Broadsword or spear seem his favorites but he does have a masterfully designed warscepter crafted in the Charduni dwarf’s fashion (The head of the scepter carved to bear a likeness to the wielder’s facial features with a crown of spiked thorns).

The Earl oversees most of the Duchy’s northern reaches including the capitol of Pahrae (which he still refers to as Drahforge), this keeps him at court often.
Earl Ouvren is the brother to the late Duke of Turrows, Duke Terphail, the brother-in-law of the current Duchess of Turrows, Mavia, and he is the uncle of the player character Grevous Khan.


Earl Bravus Ouvren of Longmarch

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