Duke Faustin Golehest III

A tall, broad-shouldered man with sparse hair at the sides of his head and a clean shaven face gazes down at you; his grooming is meticulous, exuding wealth, style and power. Those eyes bore into you, a deep, all-knowing gaze that does not relent.


Height: 6’ 1"
Weight: 195
Apparent age: Middle sixties
Hair: Black
Eyes: chocolate brown

Duke Golehest stands taller than most Calastian men, and even those who have a few inches on him seem to feel as if he towers over them. The duke has a sense of confidence and a knowledge of his own power that proceeds him and serves to cow most clear-thinking men without him needing to say a word. His clothing, his jewelry, his possessions all speak to his family’s status, position and authority and speak to his position at the head of such a powerful and influential family. He is a stern and hard man when face to face, but he has a reputation of relaxing his local laws for the sake of commerce and growth.


The Duke’s primary residence is Castle Delisuk, known in Delis as the Sea Dragon as it perches over the Blossoming Sea like a predatory dragon. From here he rules his duchy and the city of Dellis, the castles many towers and airy walk-ways providing him positions from which he can look over the entire city and port. He can often be found walking these towers or the arched walkways that connect tower to tower, calmly looking down and surveying his land and people.

Duke Faustin Golehest III

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