Count Faustin Golehest IV

A handsome young man approaching 30, with green-blue eyes, chisled features and a well-groomed beard offers you a cool glance and the slightest of nods in greeting.


Heir to the duchy of Golehest, Faustin IV was raised to rule and, by all accounts, is a natural at it. He took well to the courtly life, has a charming and outgoing air to him that draws others in and makes them glad to be of service to the young count. His popularity in his home duchy rivals that of his father’s as he often travels to the far corners of the lands acting as his father’s representative and hearing out the needs and difficulties of all from peasant, to noble to slave.
Faustin is openly a scholar as much as a diplomat and ruler; his Hedradan tutors speak glowingly on the sharpness of the young count’s mind and his ability to recall knowledge. Faustin has taken to the Hedradan religion and holds it even above his veneration to Chardun, something that has earned him praise among the peasantry even as it has produced some scorn from the noble halls.

Faustin is engaged to Delia Formanek, granddaughter of Sarvich Formanek who is the patron of the Northfalia merchant house, likely the largest in Darakeene not controlled by Asuras.


Faustin IV’s personal symbol is a rearing lion holding a scepter, his colors are blue and gold
His motto is “Dare to Act”

Count Faustin Golehest IV

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