Titles and Ranks in the Calastian Church of Chardun

Level Rank
1-6 Ascendant
6-12 Tyrant
Arch Dominion
The Lord Dominion

- Rank is your position and station as seen in the eyes of the church; the level “requirements” are flexible and rising within the church is based more importantly on merit, accomplishment and ambition. A more detailed descriptions of the ranks within the church can be found here.

Domain Title
Domination Lord or Master
Evil Dread or Fiendish
Law Honorable or Lawful
Missionary Faithful or Unholy
Strength Draconic or Mighty
War Battle or Blood

A cleric’s domain title is used when hailed or spoken to by a layman or citizen; a cleric is free to use whichever domain title he feels best reflects his servitude to Chardun. Most clerics of Chardun combine the two (rank and domain title).
For example, an 8th level cleric who is acknowledged by the church to have reached the rank of Tyrant possesses the domains of Law and Strength; he might therefore use the title Honorable Tyrant if he felt the lawful aspect of his service to Chardun was most prominent; on the other hand he may use the title of Draconic Tyrant to emphasize his devotion to the strength granted him by Chardun – it is for the individual to decide and some of these domain ranks differ from region to region, it might be the equivalent of using the term “minister” or “preacher”.

Titles and Ranks in the Calastian Church of Chardun

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