The Watchful Rooster

Some sixty years ago when the waterfront neighborhood of Wharfdowns underwent structural renovations, many new and pleasant apartments and gardens sprung up in the once shoddy region. These apartments and the few taverns became well known as a pleasant place for nobles or wealthy merchants to meet on the sly with clandestine lovers or courtesans away from the public eye.

Many of these wealthier gents and ladies grew to admire the attractive and charming neighborhood that was built along the gentle slopes of a rise known as Sceptor’s Hill, which was the center-point of the Wharfdowns neighborhood. With an abundance of apartments and cottages around the hill, many of these wealthy visitors found in this neighborhood the ideal place to stash a lover, setting them up in living quarters so they could be close by if needed but away from the eyes of others, particularly from the eyes of the royal court.
Soon, Wharfdowns’ status as a secret meeting locale and domicile for illicit lovers became a well-known but well-guarded secret, one that wise men refused to speak of. Only two years after the renovations were completed one last plot of land underwent a renovation: the peak of Sceptor’s Hill. The temple to Madriel that served as hospital and healing center, which had sat upon that hill for countless years was seized from the priests and converted into the inn that stands to this day, an inn that has always bore the name of The Watchful Rooster.

A rooster, as any farmer will tell you, takes many lovers and watches said lovers with the vigilance of a hungry hawk. With a rooster’s mates spread wide across a farm’s land, the plucky male must find the highest perch from which to survey his harem and safeguard his mates, many have used a stay at this inn as cover to meet with and keep tabs on their secret lovers.
Over the years the reputation of the region has changed and the Rooster is now built and run to accommodate merchants, mercenaries and other groups who wish to remain together through their stay in Vashon. From brotherhoods of Chardun-serving monks to merchant caravans to troupes of actors or performers, the Rooster houses all who are willing to pay and willing to keep the peace of the establishment.

For the last thirty years the inn has been run by Master Jubel, a savvy, polite and well-spoken man who caters to the needs of his clients as well as any noble-man’s steward. Master Jubel hires few guards and those who do serve the Rooster are generally quiet and out of sight until their presence is required.


The Watchful Rooster

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