The Pearl Tower

Located 5 miles east of the hamlet of Wolfshire in the duchy of Varuba.

Named for the mother-of-pearl scales that once covered its exterior, the Pearl Tower is an old navigational beacon built centuries ago to guide seagoing vessels around a dangerous reef.
The reef lies just below the waves and is practically invisible from the surface, especially at night. By staying clear of the waters lit by the tower, trade captains can sail their ships safely
around the reef rather than going miles out of their way to avoid it.
The narrow beach near the reef is cut off from the mainland by a long, tall cliff. The Pearl Tower was built against a near-vertical section of the cliff so that in addition to its primary function of guiding ships, it could provide easy access from the cliff top to the beach below.


The squad had discovered a sea hag inhabiting the lighthouse; this hag, Lykast by name, had been working in cahoots with a small tribe of spider-eye goblins in the surrounding hills and with sea trolls on a distant island.
Your squad eliminated the hag, cleared and secured the tower, then located the goblin’s camp site and destroyed them and their false light beacon which had been used to fool ships into the dangerous waters and sealing their doom.

The Pearl Tower

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