The Isle of Winds

One of the dozens of Islands off the southern coast of Calastia in the archipelago chain known as the Gift of the Gods. The Isle of winds is known to be inhabited by a savage, barbaric
wayra4.jpgpeople who give worship to dark gods, possibly one of the fallen titans. It is known that cannibalism is practiced but the island does not seem to actively plunder the mainland for goods or slaves. The island is rumored to be a faerie haunt amd a few sailors who have visited the island speak of glens and pools of immense beauty where strange magical phenomenon occur. Sailors have been harassed by fae and have fought sea-dwelling trolls in the rocky shallows off shore.

There is said to be a great ruins upon a plateau on the northern face of the island, the palteau can be spotted from sea but the plateau itself is overrun by a tangle of trees and thickets that block vision of the ruins.

The topography of the island is that of rugged, grassy hills with treacherous shallows and rocky shorelines. The island’s western tip holds the only reliable harbor during periods of high tide but several small forested sand bars need to be traversed and negotiated between. Reaching the island in anything larger than a keelboat in bad weather or at low tide would be folly.
Two ships to take delegation to the Isle:
The Baalberith – a large slave ship that carries a crew of 45 sailors and has a large stockade below decks for the transportation of slaves. The captain of this “Devil ship” as it is known is the human female Fiend-captain Yama. The Baalberith sports a hideous figurehead depicting a maned and fierce devil surging forward, thrust forward in both hands is an adamantine warscepter. The ship is armed with 2 ballista, 2 light catapults and one heavy catapult.

The Angra Mainyu – named after a fiendish text known among certain sects of the Charduni church and nobility, this small keel boat has a shallow draft and is ideal for river and coastal travel. It has a crew of 6 and carries on ballista at the fore.

The Isle of Winds

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