The Broken Arrow (Inn)

Duchy: Chandalvine
Earldom: Dagfort
Viscounty: Littlemarch (Viscountess Druzelle)
Owner: Sir Bogdan Novarad
Manager/proprietor: Miggs Harnig, human male, 60 (retired soldier)
Cook: Iona Razvan (human female, 73)
Stablehands: Fane Goodshuck (human male, 22) & Luca Rylan (halfling male, 19)

Located on the North Secundo road, roughly a full day’s walk north of the King’s Highway. Some twelve years ago the Earl of Dagfort gifted lands to lieutenant Harnig of the 4th Chandalve archer platoon in payment for services heroic and brave; the actions of lieutenant Harnig saved the life of the earl’s youngest daughter, a pretty young woman who, unfortunately, passed away less than a year after the heroics of Harnig and his platoon.

Upon retiring a short time later, Miggs Harnig refurnished and renovated the Old inn that had been titled the Lusty Dryad; Harnig christened his new establishment the Broken Arrow as a salute to his former career as a military archer. The inn made good coin, given the wealthy patrons on their way to the peaceful city of Secundo and the numerous and thirsty lot of herders who roam the tranquil lands north of the King’s Highway.

All was not always well, as there have long been difficulties with brigands, highwaymen, brutish soldiers and even the occasional titanspawn, but thus far Miggs and his stablehands (both lads having benefited from a year of military service themselves) have been able to tame or drive away any serious threat. Recently however, with problems and financial losses mounting, Miggs was forced to sell his inn to a passing knight of the Queen’s Watch. What this honorable gentleman has in store for the inn’s future is anyone’s guess – recent rumors suggest the errant knight will return to his travels leaving the Broken Arrow in the capable hands of it’s long-time proprietor.


Menu items and pricing (The Broken Arrow only accepts Calastian coin):

Single Room: 1 gold dominion and five silver regents per night
Treble Room: 3 gold dominions per night
The Dagfort Suite (2nd floor): 5 gold dominions per night
Bedroll or cot in the “barracks”: 3 silver regents per night

All rooms come with supper of bread, cheese, potato & lamb stew and water.
Roasted lamb and potatoes: 5 copper drakes per plate
Seared mutton with greens and potatoes: 5 drakes per plate
Meat pies (mutton or lamb): 3 drakes per pie
Potato and lamb stew: 2 drakes per bowl and bread

Bullseye Whiskey: 2 drakes per shot
Foul-Apple Cider: 5 drakes per pint
Dagfort Ale: 3 drakes per pint
Secundo Forge Bitter: 5 drakes per pint
Red Rascal Ale: 8 drakes per pint
Wild Boar tea: 2 drakes per cup
Stalker’s Red (wine): 4 dominions per glass
Sweetwater white wine: 12 dominions per bottle

Iona’s Spiced Apple Cobbler: 1 silver regent per plate
Tiny sweetmeat pies: 1 regent per three pies
Candied and creamed fruit: 6 copper drakes per bowl

The Broken Arrow (Inn)

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