Ironhew (Hamlet)

The Hamlet of Ironhew
Population: 350 (With an additional 100-150 slaves)
Ruler: Military Governor (Lieutenant Nygan)
Gold Piece Limit: 100 (price of the most expensive item available in the community. Anything with a price under this amount can usually be found in Ironhew)


Ironhew is simply a mining camp on a larger scale. The iron mines in the Kelder foothills keeps producing ore and miners and slaves keep moving to Ironhew to get it from the earth. Due to its proximity to Fort Pahrail, Ironhew always has a strong military presence.
Most miners here are unmarried young males or slaves. Add soldiers to this demographic and it is understandable that Ironhew has a large industry catering to the needs of these men. Brothels, gambling houses and even a race track are only some of the diversions this small settlement has to offer it’s overworked populace.


Ironhew (Hamlet)

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