House Demisovski

Population:5,500 (Human 90%, Halfling 9%, other 1%)
Land title: The ever-vigilant County of Demi
House Motto: Abide and Arise
House Symbol: A crimson griffin rising from a river

A minor Calastian noble house whose patriarch is Count Ludwig Demisovski; the count’s lands lie in southwest Jandalore along the border with Ankila. The land is dominated by a good sized lake (known as Lake Demi) which supports two small hamlets (Lakeside pop. 160 & Longleaf pop. 350) that mostly produce grains, ale and honey. The county also turns a steady profit through the slave trade, handing over local criminals, vagrant non-humans and Ankiilan bandits who venture across the river. Some rumors claim that the count’s men venture across the river themselves and abduct Ankilan citizens to sell into slavery, but this bit of unfounded irreverence is not appreciated by the local peasantry who have been known to react violently toward those who slander their lord’s good name.

A larger village (La’Cloud, pop. 2,200) lays on the western fringes of the land along the Cloudy river (which forms the border between Calastia and Ankila). this village specializes in the sale of pottery and other craft goods made from the pure white clay found along the banks of the river (it is what gives the river its name). The clay is of very fine quality and artisans from all over the kingdom purchase it.
The Cloudy River is very broad but relatively shallow, but Ankila never built bridges across it as it was always a part of their defense against Calastia; now that Ankila is a part of the Hegemony the local count is eager to have a bridge constructed to open trade lines across the river and into Ankila, however the duke of Jandalore has not sanctioned any of his landed nobles to do this.
The count has dwellings in all of these villages, though they are small and house the local governor for most of the year. The family’s main estate lies along the Cloudy River north of La’Cloud.
The laws in the county are the same as in the nation of Calastia, but the local count has a bounty on elves and dwarves and they are to be handed in to constables in either of the three communities. The house sells most members of these sub-human races into slavery.

Ludwig’s 2nd oldest child, the male Darden, underwent training at the Crucible of Mesos and graduated into the military as a Calastian Battle Mage. He is now serving the kingdom in the distant Duchy of Varuba.

House Demisovski

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