For the Glory of the Black Dragon

"Black" Hugh speaks/preaches after the latest battle
Charduns blessings

“Things look grim. We have powerful opponents we pursue. Our every advance has had obstacles. Some have been daunting obstacle indeed. We have lost some of Charduns faithful. We are all weakened as well as wounded. We have been betrayed from within, (a large unsettling smile, slowly slides across his face, as he speaks in a low and threating voice) "That betrayer of Chardun will serve long after his painful death. " We trudge on after the foes of God and country, ever aware that the traitorous Countess has has her men pursuing us. In our present state either resting or moving forward can seem rather ominous.

What shall we do? It appears as though either choice may very well result in failure."
“We take heart. The answers are all so very obvious. We have Charduns favor! Has not Chardun seen us through every obstacle we have faced? Are we not closer to dis-crediting the countess and her blind followers? Has not Chardun sent us another, yes ANOTHER of his faithful and holy warriors? Is this mere coincidence? Chardun has sent Lord Grievious as a sign. A sign that we indeed will justly serve those who have betrayed him. A sign of his approval. Yes! Chardun approves of what we are doing! Chardun has given me more understanding, more knowledge, more healing this very night. (war scepter/holy symbol handle strikes the floor loudly) And more power to smite Charduns foes! "

Rest easy this night knowing we are Charduns servants and Chardun approves of what we are doing……..

Journal entry 1

Tis through the skills and bravery of my fellow soldiers that I, as well as they, have survived to this point. The tomb continues to be oppressive and full of dangers. This very night we make camp in the lair of a now dead giant tomb spider. We have lost two soldiers since I entered the tomb, and several before I stepped foot into this chaos ruled place.

The leader of this squad is a holy man of Chardun. He, from what I can tell, is a distant cousin to my family. His family name alone makes him trustworthy, if rumors of the Hardcastles are true. I doubt there is reason to believe them false. He has held to his faith in dire situations, and pursued the advancement of Chardun.

The others are just as hardy and loyal. I have never met a halfling myself, and ours seems to be near feral, possibly rabid, but he fights like a man possessed, and has proven his worth to me several times in a matter of hours.

Our sorcerer seems less timid than I would expect from a woman. The mercenary we convinced to join us against her old party is holding to her word, but I do not trust her. She sought to abandon her group in a time of dire need, what would keep her from doing the same to us?

We are closing in on our quarry, signs of their dwindling numbers proceed us at every turn. Somewhere behind us the Countess has her hired lackeys coming for us. It is a dire situation, and one I’m sure will not be easy to overcome, unless we can trust in Chardun. I say my prayers tonight, dreaming of vengeance, of exposing a traitor to the crown, and of using these circumstances to advance the word of Chardun.

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