Ring of the Covenant (Armitus)

A plain iron ring emblazoned with the winged hound emblem formerly used by Count Hazad Armitus and later, by his son Ramzi.


A ring of the covenant grants the wearer the power to cast the enrichment variant of plant growth once per day by speaking the proper command word or phrase (“Royal blessings upon this land”). The wearer also receives a +1 deflection bonus to AC and a +2 enhancement bonus to charisma.
The wearer of a ring of the covenant is also under a charm affect to the person designated by the ring’s creator during its forging (lasting as long as the ring is worn). The original Rings of the covenant were forged and crafted by ranger-wizards from Chardun’s Order of the Blackthorn and are used throughout the Calastian Hegemony to ensure the loyalty of King Virduk’s high-ranking vassels.


This thick, iron ring depicts a winged hunting hound shaded in deep red and an inscription on the inside of the band reads, “for as long as my soul resides within my body I shall protect the land from all those who would seek to harm her.”

This ring was forged in the year 94 AV for Sir Hazad Armitus, knighted by the king for the valor displayed during the Druid Wars and the ensuing battles with Ankila and Durrover. King Virduk granted the knight property and and a manor within the capital of Vashon.
Following the knight’s retirement from the field of battle he was granted lands in central Turrows by the king and given the title of Count. Count Armitus died in 126 AV battling a titanspawn incursion drawn into Calastian lands by the ragings of the Blood Monsoon. The count was survived by two sons, Sir Lazlow Armitus, believed killed in the highlands of Durrover in 144 AV, and Count Ramzi Armitus who has gone missing from the family estate in Vashon in 150 AV.

Ring of the Covenant (Armitus)

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