Dumbelen Malmoth's Robe of Useful Items


A finely crafted robe of lush grey wool interlaced with weavings of silver and copper. Sewn in place upon the robe is a reddish brown mantle, also decorated with threads of silver and further ornamented with diamond-shaped silver studs. The robe is large enough to be worn over light armor; is light enough to be worn through the warmer seasons, while still being warm enough to keep one cool in all but the most bitter chill.

When one dons the robe a myriad of leather patches can be seen sewn randomly but neatly up and down the garment. Each patch is colored black or green and has a silver dwarven rune emblazoned upon the patch’s center – this rune depicts which item corresponds to each patch, thusly an understanding of the dwarven alphabet is beneficial to properly utilize this robe.


Dumbelen Malmoth's Robe of Useful Items

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