Dragon Horn


A ritual, chanting and military horn crafted in the shape of a decorative dragon. these horns are usually only made as masterwork items, particularly in Calastia.
Dragon horns see extensive use in temples and monasteries of Chardun; a trained performer can generate a soothing, tranquil series of notes from this horn that seem to aid in meditation. Similarly, a more foreboding and dark tone can be sounded for darker rituals or sacrifices. In the military many units have a sanctioned horn sounder who remains near the commander at all times. Given an order by the commander a military horn sounder can sound the proper notes, thus communicating the commander’s order through the instrument to soldiers across the battlefield.
Performers of the dragon horn are renowned for being able to hold a note; some claim that a single note can be maintained for tens of minutes or even an hour or longer by a master of the dragon horn.

Leos, Skaeva, The Dragon sounder from your platoon has been transferred from the Blade Beast Squad to your Landshark squad.


Dragon Horn

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