Paja Gulnak

A little girl of 6 with deep brown eyes and radiant black hair watches you, a glint of amusement and cruelty on her cherubic face


An adorable doll of a child, her hair swept up in regal curls, her face gently colored by exotic rouge and the scent of wild flowers dancing from her person as if she had bathed in them.


Only child of Marquise Bolat Gulnak of Lageni; she resides with her father at Coldview, a fortified manor house in the small town of Outpost Elra.
The little girl has been raised in hellish conditions and has a twisted sense of morality; she giggles openly about the murder of her mother and often kills cats and brings them to her father or his chamberlain for special treats.
Local peasants tremble when the Marquise orders they have their little ones sent over to play with the little countess.

Paja Gulnak

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