Arch Dominion Naxxan Baatar

Skin black as coal that appears crumpled with age more than wrinkled - A neatly trimmed black goatee, slender face and pale blue eyes lock onto you with a stare that is both ancient and judging.


Sovereign Baatar is proof that as a Charduni dwarf ages his skin darkens and hardens and he now seems to be masterfully carved out of a slab of living onyx. Though a bit slow with age he is slender, sturdy and walks with the confidence of one who has seen many a bloody battle field and left them all with his life in tact.
Sovereign Baatar now concerns himself primarily with the duties of a local magistrate who oversees the handing down of sentences to those who commit crimes. Often he sits as judge, jury and executioner, especially of late considering the duke’s poor health.
Sovereign Baatar does this as a matter of his duty to Chardun and to his new kingdom; the dwarf seems without ambition, without mercy and without hate or even passion. He simply wants the city and the Duchy running as it should; he wants wrong doers to be sentenced and punished swiftly so the community can move forward. He brooks no deception and refuses to hear excuses or mitigating circumstances when sitting as lawgiver in the courts of Strale.
He is a well respected pillar of the community and seems to be on good terms with many city officials and with clergy from Strale’s temples of both Hedrada and Chardun.


Arch Dominion Naxxan Baatar

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