Graceful and beautiful halfling woman with reddish brown hair and eyes of brilliant green-blue.


Height: 2’ 11"
Weight: 30
Hair: Red-brown
Eyes: Green-blue
Skin: tan

She wears an obsidian arrowhead medallion around her neck and often carries a small lute-harp and an ivory hunting horn on her person.


Meadow is a Lore-singer of her people, a bard charged with preserving the history of the Privash clans through storytelling and song. She is a devotee of Tanil and presides over many marriages among the halflings of the plains. She was recently taken forcefully by a House Stolo slave caravan and the halflings of the plains are gathering to put together a party to retrieve Meadow and enact retribution on her abductors.

Knight and bard Leos Skaeva, upon viewing Meadow briefly could not help but to comment on her exotic and feral beauty.


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