Master Jubel

An older gentleman with odd teeth, thick, curly white locks and glassy eyes bows deeply as you enter his fine establishment


Master Jubel has been the proprietor of the Watchful Rooster for nearly two decades; he pampers his guests and does whatever he must to ensure they receive whatever they require. He claims to not know who fully owns the inn, but he has some suspicions and believes it is a wealthy merchant house. He deals with an envoy of the owner, who wishes his identity to remain a secret, and he has dealt with this lady envoy since he was hired for this position.

Master Jubel has a rotating group of four guards, two of which are at the Rooster at all times to help keep the peace.
Brunig: A bald, hulking human man with only one ear
Safnar: A willowy human bladesman who is said to be as skilled a singer as he is a swordsman
Uk’Donar: A falchion wielding half-orc who dresses in Zathiskan fashions and is nick-named The Genie.
Upwood: A pudgy crossbowman who seems to be there to drink as much as he is there to uphold the peace.

Master Jubel

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