Marquise Bolat Gulnak

A plain, rounded face surrounded by a mop and beard of dull gray hair makes this otherwise well-dressed and pampered man seem almost plain.


The Marquise has a portly build, standing at only around 5’ 7" and weighing near to 200 pounds. His face is worn and average, with flabby jowls and puffy cheeks making him even less appealing.
Still he has a way about him, a jovial man who laughs easily and has a contagious laugh, though he does tend to have a morbid and deranged sense of what is amusing.

He dotes on his daughter Paja, seeing that she has everything she might wish for, but also ensuring that the girl grows up cruel and unfeeling, sharing in the bloody amusement that her father so enjoys.


Marquise Bolat Gulnak

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