Maester Milat Ravian

A short bald human with a heavy beard offers a cock-eyed glare down at you from his perch at the wagon's helm


Height: 5’8"
Weight: 255
Hair/beard: Bald, Black
Eyes: Dark blue

Dresses in well-crafted long coats made to withstand harsher weather; gloves and a wide-brimmed hat are usually work particularly during rainy weather. He keeps a riding whip at his hip and a belt knife nearby. A heavy crossbow and a quiver of bolts is always stored beneath the seat of his wagon.


When the landshark Squad decided they required a few wagons to se4rvice their squad they were fortunate that the experienced teamster Milat Ravian was sleeping off a night of drinking and celebrating in Ironhew outside of Fort Pahrail. Ravian has hauled cargo for some of the finest merchant houses in Calastia, but has declined invitations to sign on long-term with any one house.
After growing accidentally entangled in some inter-house politics he had decided to retire from his trade, but the option of hauling cargo for a non-political military squad fit the bill for him and he has happily obliged.

He is an adaptable and level-headed caravan maester, good with animals and people; he is generally calm, dour or withdrawn, registering little in the way of emotion be it anger or humor, though he dos not seem upset by such displays from others.

Maester Milat Ravian

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