High Tyrant Yukus Olf

Gnarled face, dark skin, pale eyes and dark brown hair streaked with white; what should seem a frail older man seems to elicit terror in those he meets; those cold, dead eyes indeed seem to cause you to tremble now that they have turned your way.


Age: Unknown; seems too old to still be out and about.
Height: 6’
Weight: 145
Hair: Dark brown with heavy streaking of white
Eyes: pale gray


The High Tyrant is a man who has served the church of Chardun and the kingdom of Calastia for untold years; he serves as an adviser to the king and queen as well as to the Lord Dominion of the church. He is perhaps the kingdom’s foremost scholar on all things undead and it is thought that he is behind several secretive initiatives to incorporate necromancy, animation and wartime uses thereof for the betterment of the kingdom.

The High Tyrant is usually on the road, gathering knowledge or meeting with those who strive toward the same goals; he can often be found on field expeditions to retrieve the corpses of heroic soldiers or potent beasts.

He often travels with a contingent of monks from the Order of the Sacred Chain, who have made it a point of priority to bring the High Tyrant home safely from his more dangerous forays into titanspawn dominated lands. The Order considers it a mark of honor and distinction to escort a man of High Tyrant Olf’s status.
The High Tyrant usually has at least one Thorned Purifier among his retinue as well.

High Tyrant Yukus Olf

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