Edrovix, Chosen of Vangal

This hairless human is heavily cloaked, but the hideous boils, postules and sores that cover his body and face are still painfully noticable.


Edrovix, one of Vangal’s disease-ridden chosen arrived at the gates of Vashon on Charday, the 22nd of Vanger (the month of pestilence) and demanded entry into the city and an audience with King Virduk.
He arrived just after dawn, mounted on an emaciated and sickly riding horse; a small swarm of several dozen locusts flew in the air around him or crawled over the rider and his mount. The city guards sent him away but watch captain Reinanthek of the Market Watch has passed on the rider’s message and threats along the channels that should allow them to be heard by the king; he has made ready a squad of soldiers prepared to seek out and burn the disease-carrying rider and his mount to ash.


Edrovix, Chosen of Vangal

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