Battle-Mage Borlov Melorus

This white haired gentleman seems to grumble often, his posture rebelling against the rough uniform, cold armor and travel dust that he wears with discomfort.


Though he seems unhindered by the light armor he wears, the white haired gentleman seems affronted by the necessity to don the soldier’s vestments at all; he speaks often of retiring to one of the out of the way military academies and living a life of comfort giving guidance to the next wave of crazed soldiers.
Battle Mage Melorus is a specialist in the necromancy school of magic and is usually accompanied by a skeletal guard of some sort.

Melorus rides a scarred but sturdy light war horse he affectionately refers to as Adetokunbo (orcish for jewel from across the sea)

He wields a slender rapier blade that he refers to as Kwadwobi ( Orcish for Birthed in Blood)


Borlov is the Battle Mage Sergeant of the 4th Drgaon’s Den Rover Platoon which consists of three squads, The Blade Beast Squad, the Landshark Squad and the Red Wyvern Squad. Borlov usually remains at Fort Pahrail to offer arcane advice to the platoon’s lieutenant (Mihovil Nalim) or to any one of the squad’s sergeants. At times the lieutenant will order the Battle Mage into the field to accompany the Red Wyvern or Blade beast squad (The Landshark squad has a permanent Calastian Battle Mage assigned to their ranks already).
Battle Mage Melorus was enjoying his autumn years at the Ducal court in Delis when he was transferred (or as he says, exiled) to Fort Pahrail in Varuba. He resents the assignment, the shitty weather and the idea of marching 8 hours a day, sleeping on the hard earth and having to do it all again the next day; if he had a more demanding lieutenant the man might just go AWOL.

Battle-Mage Borlov Melorus

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