Honored Ascendant Goibhink

A hooded thing with rough, green skin, muddy brown eyes and hulking size calmly displays his unholy war scepter and lowers it heavily upon a heratic's skull.


Goibhink has recently been named Dominion of Dragonseye, the Charduni Temple in Fhomhair, Jandalore.
The small community in Northern Jandalore is a place where mercenaries with commissions often gather; it is a rough and tumble village standing in the dark shadow of Geleeda’s Grove. Titanspawn wander the countryside and the temple’s former dominion, Hellsblood Tyrant Cyna, has relinquished her role as dominion of the church to take charge of the village’s defenses.

Goibhink has been sent from Fiendsthrone, the great Charduni temple in the Duchy’s seat of Drehl; it is unusual that the church send a half-orc to lead even a small temple such as Dragonseye, especially given the local’s recent crusade against anything non-human.

The War Dog pack has been promised as much healing as the Honored Ascendant can give as a show of gratitude for their assistance in escorting him to Fhomhair and their efforts to assist that community and retrieve a stolen church relic.

Honored Ascendant Goibhink

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