For the Glory of the Black Dragon

To the Dutchess of Turrows,

I write to inform you that I was killed in battle, and then resurrected. I fell in battle against cutthroats operating in the Kender mountains. They were defeated and I was able to play a useful part in their defeat, up until I rushed ahead in battle and was killed. My fellow soldiers made sure they did all they could to raise me, as they are loyal and fine examples for Chardun.

In order to facilitate this, I have given my word to marry the youngest daughter of Marquise Bolat Gulnak when she comes of age. I agreed, and plan on keeping my word. I hope this is a suitable arrangement for our family. I trust that once I am married to Paja Gulnak, the Marquise’s thirty miles or so of land will be easily, and quietly acquired as part of Calastia.

I have heard rumors of this child’s cruelty, and other more sinister aspect of this family. I am rather certain I can put these familial tendencies to good use in the name of Chardun. I do wish, however to ask, if you have any information you are willing to share about this family, and any considerations or advice you might have in acquiring their lands and titles.

This would all be many years away, as my betrothed is merely a child, but I hope to mold her mind towards Chardun’s will.

My death, and the vauge impressions of what lies beyond have left me with a defined sense of self and my place in Chardun’s plans. My time in the military is drawing to a close, and I feel pursuits outside of military life might be worth consideration. I wish to find a place for my fellow soldiers of the Landshark Squad. Each is a loyal servant to our king, and each worthy of a chance to bring glory to Chardun’s name.

Bogdan Novasad has proven himself repeatedly in battle and in daily life that his loyalty to our God, our King and to our own family is above reproach. I know he has his own selfish motives for pushing beyond what is required of him time and time again, but those motives are selfish only in the sense that he seeks to make himself better, to make himself more.

Chul, our Charduni Dwarf, and Sargent, has proven himself a patient and resourceful leader. Willing to make the tough calls to win the day. He is willing to take advice and listen to other suggestions, until the time comes for the choice to be made, then he does not hesitate to make it. He is not looking to make friends, to rise above his station, or to gain politically. He believes himself above such concerns, but loyalty and doing what is right by Chardun is of utmost importance to him.

Sir Cody Golhest is a fine ranger, and tracker. His loayalty to Chardun is without question. He seems far too eager for battle at times, but who can argue that earnest attitude to destroy Chardun’s enemies? He escorted my body on its journey for resurrection. Watched over me and made sure I was brought back correctly. A debt of gratitude I owe him to be sure.

These men have fought by my side and have saved my life as I have saved theirs on countless occasions, and I respect them and trust them, and I believe they have earned a place at my side when we leave the military.

What we will do, I am not yet sure. We, as nobles are above petty swords for hire, and I know we all wish to continue to serve Chardun and our King. The question has become, how?

I hope all is well with you, and that once my service is done, if time permits you, that I should see your face once again.

Your son, Vash Ourven, Dread Father Of Chardun, Grevious Khan of the Dominion, and Soldier of the Landshark Squad.



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