For the Glory of the Black Dragon

To the Dutchess of Turrows

To Duchess Mavia Ouvren, Of Turrows

Mother, I hope this letter finds you well, and that Chardun’s Favor continues to shine upon you.

I wish to update you on my service to Chardun, and to Calastia. I have been promoted to Chaplin of my squadron, a Dread Father to the soldiers of the Landsharks Squadron. Their spiritual well being has given me renewed focus on my tasks and goals.

I have also been entrusted with the training and molding of a young man who will one day wear the cloth of Chardun. He is a troubled young man, quite taken with women. I seek to appeal to his spirit, or to break it, to Chardun’s will. He is far less trouble than I image I was, and I am reminded to thank you for your clear minded wisdom in your dealings with me.

I am curious on the well being and current situations of my siblings, how is Ulfr? I had heard that Lady Sisenna is married to Ranths’s son. If so I am happy to hear it.

Is it true Justus has been knighted? It has been so long, I can bearly believe it. He reminded me most of father, though, so I should not be surprised. He would be a truly noble knight.

I have heard little about Korbl. Just that he married in the last few years.
Finally I wish to know of Camellias. She turned 18 recently, and I have always felt protective of her, as my little sister. I have not seen her in, well too long. I imagine she has had many suitors seeking her if she still has your family face.

I have learned in my training, to not give the past too much weight nor to give the future too much space, however I do often think of all of you, and thank Chardun for you.

To The End,
Your Son,
Dread Father Ourven



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