For the Glory of the Black Dragon

To the Duchess of Turrows,

Dear Mother

I hope time has softened our mutual frustrations with life. That the loss of husband and father has given us both the chance to reevaluate our surroundings, our relationships, and our place in them. I hope all has been well with you. I can not say all has been well for me. I also can not say I regret or resent my situation these past years. Chardun has seen fit to take my natural tendency towards brutality and playful maiming, and direct it, hone it, to his service. I seek to harness my faith, and share it with those around me, to be a priest of the faith, and one of its warriors. Much has happened, just in this last few months. Much more will I am sure in the coming year.

I have pledged myself into military service, seeking a way to put forth the word and ideas of Chardun. Already Chardun’s favor is with me. My unit, a dedicated and skilled lot, is the finest I could hope to serve with. A Hardcastle is our Dark Father, our Priest. I could not hope for a finer, more dedicated man than one of my blood. It is for this reason that I find myself writing you, when I thought I would never darken your doorstep again. A Countess seeks to betray the throne, and we are unsure how many are with her.

(Letter goes on to detail all Vash ‘Grevous’ Ourven knows of the Countess’s plot)

I hope that the information makes it into the Kings hands before it is too late.

I thank you for you patience, and faith mother. I do not believe I would have accomplished anything in my life were it not for you.

I have one other request, one I feel shamed in even bringing to you, as a common begger with his hand out. I have need of a servant, one well versed in the art or combat and war. A slave, one broken and ready to be molded back into whatever form we choose. I am able to pay for his extended services, or possibly buy him right out,

I await a response, humbled by the memories of you.

Your dearest, and darkest son,

Lord Vash Ourven


Is it a testament to a well played evil campaign that I wouldn’t want to be left in a room alone with any of player characters in the party?

To the Duchess of Turrows,

Lol, I think so.

To the Duchess of Turrows,

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