For the Glory of the Black Dragon

The Tale of Sir Cody

CHAPTER 1 the beginning of service

I came to Veruba to return the glory of a broken squad devoid of good leadership and of honorable Calastians. Upon my arrival met my new squad mates Sir Bogden a man who exemplifies true meaning of soldier. Chul a Charduni Dwarf who has honored us by enlisting in the Kings Army. Then there was Lord Grievous the sole survivor of a squad that turned on there lieutenant and slaughtered squad members as well as the leader of the town they were supposed to protect.
Though Grievous has to live with the stigma of being apart of this grievous act I met a fellow dukes son as committed to our nation as any of us.
Our first mission to legeni to guard magic weapons headed for outpost Elra was met by magic sucking mist that consumed the magic embedded in the weapons. Upon reaching the outpost we were then given a most rude welcome by the dragoons of Legeni. I find it almost comical that our vessel nation’s security force treat Calastian soldiers with such disdain. What should I expect from a group having so much trouble removing the Hodge podge,makeshift military of Durover.
The earl’s people treated us far better though they kept with the dragoons wishes to keep us under guard and away from the tower of battle mages that also seemed to be treated as a hostile invading force rather than allies there to help. The dragoons possibly coming to there senses allowed us to investigate and eliminate this threat.
Led by Sir Bogden I blazed a trail through the Kelder foothills and discovered the epicenter of the disturbance. A ruin from a titan long since beaten. During the searching of this ruin we were beset by gargoyles Mormo bent on tossing the entire group into a well with no visible bottom. During the combat I bravely threw myself at the enemy in the clash I was rushed into the well finding myself cutoff from the rest of the squad. Found alone in a dark abbis I lift the cover from my everburning torch and quickly gain my bearings. Knowing that my comrades would return to continue our quest I turned my attention to finding a good place to hold up until there arrival. There is no good place by yourself in a dank hole the best you can do is fall back on your training,wits and will to live to do Charduns and Calastias will. This is when I figured out that Chardun has plans for me that my ideas and ambitions are Charduns will.
In the dark I ran into a creature large and slimy who proposed a bargain. If me and our squad would retrieve some magical robes that he couldn’t retrieve himself he would show us the way out. We agreed to these terms and set off too do that and destroy whatever was sapping the magic. He showed us a door which I made quick work of it’s lock. Upon entering we were trapped behind a portcalis and attacked by mormo followers darken. We dispatch the creatures and escaped the trap proceeded down a narrow hall way dispatching more of these creatures. We entered a cavern that not only was the footing treacherous with jagged rocks jutting from the floor but also the mist seemed to be emanating from this cavern. I trudged forward with hampered movement when I was attacked by creatures not of our plane of existence. The creatures had the robes embedded in there backs. For as long as I could muster I fought these creatures until my squad mates could reach me and finish what I had started. We dug the robes from there backs and the mist was gone taking care of both quests but our work was not done. We found while exploring more of the ratmen as well as a small community they had built well hidden and easily defended. Myself and Sir Bogden watched the opening to there village as our comrades finish there tasks when a couple of the ratmen made there way to us.I convinced Sir Bogden that he and I could fell these two without having to interrupt the rest of the squad we did just that they didn’t see it coming a lunge of his sword and a swipe of my axe and the ratmen were no more.


Nicely done Jay, hope you continue with this.

The Tale of Sir Cody

I’ve only just begun

The Tale of Sir Cody

They were crystals you were to gather, not robes.
You’re very close to 8th level Jay, if you plan on writing more then you should plan on levelling your character before next session.

The Tale of Sir Cody

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