For the Glory of the Black Dragon

Night in the Fiendwood

It is the first hour after midnight, shortly after your leader has emerged from his cave transformed into a monster… You find yourself still shaking off the sleep you were so hastily awoken from, suddenly thrust beyond the safe walls of the cave, beyond the grotto and into the harsh darkness of the Fiendwood.

The forest is alive – night-hunting birds take wing overhead, gliding through the darkened canopy, screeching as they descend on prey. In the distance eerie howls sound out in lamentation or distress, or possibly signalling a hunt? Other sounds assault your ears – sinister growls, inhuman cries and hateful wails as if the forest were angered by your intrusion.


The wind stirs the tree-cover overhead, leafs rustle and shake as if trembling, branches groan and bend, the entire leafy canopy seems to shift and quiver giving haunting images of cloud-shrouded moons overhead. The nameless orb, little more than a sliver of sinister, pale light, gleams as if a claw has torn through the curtain of night. Belsameth’s glowing orb hovers high above, full, fat and mocking your predicament as if that dark goddess knew that her lunar body had created the havoc that now surrounds you. In the distance, her moon’s light seems to illuminate the shapes of stalking beasts and ghastly figures – there one moment and gone with a shifting of the shadows that lurk so close that you can almost feel their chilled caress tingling over your flesh like a spider’s web.

It is hard to know what will become of this night; will the twisted, bestial monster that had once been Bogdan emerge from the darkness to rip the lifeblood from your veins? Will you stumble through the denseness of this forsaken forest into the waiting maw of something more deadly? Where are the others? Where are you? The world seems turned around and nature seems to have conspired to make certain that your eyes will never see daylight again.



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