For the Glory of the King! Forever Onward!


From noble halls to peasant hovels you came east to join your might and give your lives for the betterment of your realm. You belong to the kingdom now – soldiers of the realm dedicated to serving king, queen and Calastia no matter the cost; no matter the hardships and no matter your prior station in life.

You now serve on an equal footing with the others in your troop, your platoon and your squad. Lords march in step with fishermen; priests dine with pig farmers and heirs to lands and titles wallow through blood beside those who are heirs to nothing in particular. You do this because you now serve a higher calling than family, pride or individual might – you now serve the Black Dragon – King Virduk – Calastia – Chardun! You serve the collective good of the kingdom and will die in its service or rise from common soldier to uncommon hero of the realm.

This is Calastia, where individual sacrifice for the betterment of the collective whole is a way of life – a mantra pounded into the peasantry, the farmer, the laborer and the slave; but also, where might makes right – the Land that Unholy Chardun has favored as “His people.”


In this campaign you start as common soldiers of Calastia; you will end as servants, lords, masters – or dead, likely at the hands of those more ambitious and ruthless than yourself.
Influence, might, authority and power will come to those who seek it, to those who go above and beyond, through means fair or foul, to separate themselves from the common soldier and count for more than simply thrusting a spear where their masters bid them to thrust it.
This campaign is primarily about loyalty, service and ambition. Do you think you are equal to the other soldiers you march beside? It is certain that they know in their hearts that you are beneath them, that by Chardun they will see you ground into bone before they accept a subservient position to the likes of you. Choose wisely your allies, trust in few and assume that the knife in the dark may well be striking at the order of said ally and not some marauding titan-spawn.

Who are you? Lord or servant or simply a career soldier above such politics and treachery?

For the Glory of the Black Dragon

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